Sandy Colvin

Former Personal and Group Fitness Trainer Sandy Colvin joins our team after 8 years of managing a fitness facilityand is ready to bring her passion for all things BioHacking to our center!

Fun Fact: Sandy has won two World Championships in the sport of Kettlebell and a 4 Hour endurance event put on by Guinness record holder for World’s Fittest Man.

“The events that we host around the world have been named some of the “Most Extreme Fitness Tests in the Nation.” When I first met Sandy, I wasn’t sure just how she would do at an extreme outdoor military style event. Needless to say, with her drive, determination and never quit attitude, she not only completed our 4 Hour GUT CHECK event, she won it as well. Have to admit, it was motivating as well as inspiring to watch her compete. Like Rocky, she has that eye of the tiger.”
- Joe Decker “Guinness World Record Holder, ‘World’s Fittest Man’ and 2x Spartan Death Race Winner.

Come let Sandy show you around our center!

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